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A portion of our business is dedicated to helping retailers and manufacturers liquidate their excess goods and customer returns. We then sell those products back into the secondary market at a fraction of its original value. So who purchases these pallets? We've seen flea marketers, auction houses, pawn shops, retail storefront owners, yard sellers, online sellers and the list goes on and on! Some people do this for side money, some evolve into doing this full time and make great money. Hey, that's how we first got started years ago!

Why Choose Us?

If you're looking to buy wholesale pallets or liquidation truckloads, Barton's Discounts is here for you! We purchase direct, there is no middle man to mark up the cost before it gets to the end seller. Our customers choose us because they know we have been in this business for years and we only liquidate high-quality product. Everyone that interacts with our company in any way will tell you that we are the most honest, easy going group you will ever meet. We are success driven and it shows not only in our product but our attitude towards our clients.

Our Product Categories

Our product inventory is constantly changing. As we are a first-come, first-serve business, we cannot guarantee that certain product categories will be available on any given day. Our happiest clients sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye out for shipment notifications.

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Barton's Discounts
Barton's Discounts2 months ago

Join Barton's Discounts owners, Joe Barton & Dallas Spaulding, as they unbox our NEWEST mystery box offering: The Makeup Mystery Box! This box is stacked DEEP with a plethora of small and medium-size makeup from brands like Cover Girl, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Neutrogena, Revlon, Elf, Burt's Bees, & MUCH more!
Barton's Discounts
Barton's Discounts was live.3 months ago
Join us for a walkthrough of the AWESOME wholesale floor of merchandise that we have for you guys this weekend! We have a TON of variation and new pallets are staged on a regular basis throughout the day. Come out and see us at 2222 Hillside Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46218!
Barton's Discounts
Barton's Discounts
Barton's Discounts3 months ago
We ran out of time to do a live video today but we still wanted to show you what our wholesale looks like for Friday and Saturday. Take a look below at the 165+ pallets on the floor! Keep in mind that as one pallet is sold, a new pallet is immediately stocked in the sold pallet's place. This means that Barton's always has a full floor for our customers to purchase from! These pallets are absolutely packed with a MASSIVE variety of customer returned/clearance general merchandise. Pallets are priced to SELL at only $325 - $550. We're open to the public Monday through Saturday 10am-4pm. You can visit us at 2222 Hillside Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46218. See you soon!