Your trusted Amazon FBA Liquidator

We are partnered with some of Amazon’s top brands to liquidate their customer returned and excess inventory. Our number one priority is to make the process simple while helping your business recover the most money possible. Our process allows your company to route Amazon FBA products directly to our facility. This quick and easy process allows you to get back to what you do best, selling products! At Barton’s Discounts our mission is to build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and that shows as we have a 95% partner retention rate.

How does our Amazon FBA liquidation process work?

We make it extremely simple! Just ship your customer returned or excess inventory directly from Amazon FBA to one of our warehouses located in Indianapolis, IN. We then pay you an agreed amount and handle the rest!

How do I get paid for my customer returned and excess inventory? Typically for an ongoing liquidation program, we offer a set percentage of retail value, wholesale value or a flat price per pallet. The recovery amount is dependent on product condition (customer returns or overstock), category and expected ongoing volume. For one-off liquidation needs, we are able to offer a lump sum to clear out inventory. Payment is extremely quick and typically made via wire transfer.

  • Simplicity
  • Maximum Recovery
  • Efficiency

You Name It And We Will Find A Home For It!

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