Where We Started

Barton’s Discounts started with a $5,000 state funded loan and a few storage units. There were just three of us and we knew we could change the way companies liquidated their goods. There was so much improvement that could be made in the industry! On the flip side, we knew there was a demand for quality, name brand products in the secondary market. After a couple years we were able to secure our first program with one of the world's largest toy retailers. That's where the growth really began.

Where We Are Now

Today, we occupy a large warehouse in Indianapolis with many different avenues of retail and wholesale. We help liquidate multiple retailers and manufacturers. Depending on the week, we have multiple different categories to purchase in bulk. We have doubled in size and become more profitable each year. We have made a difference in this industry and intend to continue! We know there are better ways to liquidate, so we are doing it!

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Barton's Discounts

Barton's Discounts offers a superior end-to-end reverse logistics solution that helps retailers and manufacturers to process and sell their returned and excess inventory.
Barton's Discounts
Barton's Discounts2 days ago
Everything will be JUST $25 in the Bargain Week Area! Make sure to read through the details and rules of the Bargain Area before coming. You MUST bring help and have your truck with you to be able to enter the Bargain Area!
We look forward to seeing everyone out tomorrow for the last day of Barton's Discounts Bargain Week!
**Items shown in pictures are current and will be available tomorrow morning for $25 at 10am**
Barton's Discounts
2222 Hillside Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46218
(866) 587-5424
Barton's Discounts
Barton's Discounts3 days ago

If you don't like saving money, then this is not the event for you! Tomorrow, Friday 8/15, we are slashing the price to ONLY $50 per item and there is still an INSANE amount of great furniture available!

Take a look at the gallery below to see the selection that will be available on the floor tomorrow!

Give us a call at (866) 587-5424 or visit the warehouse at:

Barton's Discounts
2222 Hillside Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46218
Mon-Sat (10am-4pm)
Barton's Discounts
Barton's Discounts was live.3 days ago

Join us on a Live walkthrough of the remaining furniture inventory!

Bargain Week Guidelines:

- Each customer must bring their own truck, box truck/Uhaul.
- Each customer is in charge of loading their own truck. You must bring your own team to load your truck or Uhaul.
- All purchased items MUST be taken immediately after. There will not be a pick up window or holding of any merchandise for any amount of time.
- If you purchase too many items and cannot haul them immediately, the items will be forfeited and NO REFUNDS will be given!
- Each customer will be allowed 10 minutes to search the sections and choose their items.
- Customers will enter the Bargain Week area 5 people at a time.
- There is no cap on how many items you can purchase.
- Customers will be allowed to enter the Bargain Week area in the order they arrive.
- All items will be sold on a first come first serve basis.
- All items are sold as is. No returns, credits or refunds.
- Once an item is in your section, you MUST purchase it. No returning or swapping pieces into the Bargain Week area.

Tips and Additional Information:

- Being one of the first in line will have it’s obvious advantages.
- Know that there may be a wait time. Customers will enter the Bargain Week area in groups of 5 and will be allowed 10 minutes to choose their items, then the next 5 will be allowed in, etc.
- The 10 minute time allowance will be strictly enforced as we have other customers waiting to enter into the Bargain Week area.

Barton’s Discounts
2222 Hillside Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46218

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Barton's Discounts