Where We Started

Barton’s Discounts started with a $5,000 state funded loan and a few storage units. There were just three of us and we knew we could change the way companies liquidated their goods. There was so much improvement that could be made in the industry! On the flip side, we knew there was a demand for quality, name brand products in the secondary market. After a couple years we were able to secure our first program with one of the world's largest toy retailers. That's where the growth really began.

Where We Are Now

Today, we occupy a large warehouse in Indianapolis with many different avenues of retail and wholesale. We help liquidate multiple retailers and manufacturers. Depending on the week, we have multiple different categories to purchase in bulk. We have doubled in size and become more profitable each year. We have made a difference in this industry and intend to continue! We know there are better ways to liquidate, so we are doing it!

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    Contracts held
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    Years in Business
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    Pallets sold in 2018

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Barton's Discounts

Barton's Discounts offers a superior end-to-end reverse logistics solution that helps retailers and manufacturers to process and sell their returned and excess inventory.
Barton's Discounts
Barton's Discounts2 hours ago

UPDATE: We’ve been receiving reports of screen printers, foldable bikes, writer’s desks, ride-on cars, electric bike kits, foot massagers, laser engravers, trombones, electric pianos, guitars, toolsets, cotton candy machines, and all kinds of exercise equipment on these new BIP pallets!
⁉️What have you guys seen on your BIP pallets?⁉️
Barton's Discounts
Barton's Discounts11 hours ago

If you haven’t joined us over at Barton’s Discounts, NOW IS THE TIME! We’ve got a huge selection of customer return pallets including:

🚨BIP .COM Pallets(+3 more truckloads coming)🚨($300-$475)
🔌HD Appliance Pallets🔌 ($200-$675)
🛠HD Tool Pallets🛠 ($350-$825)
🔥HD Grill Pallets🔥 ($75-$325)
💨HD Air Conditioner/Humidifier Pallets💨 ($525-$625)

Give us a call at (866) 587-5424 or visit the warehouse at:

Barton's Discounts
2222 Hillside Ave
�Indianapolis, IN 46218�
Monday-Saturday (10am-4pm)
Barton's Discounts
Barton's Discounts4 days ago
If you love .COM general merchandise pallets, look no further! These .COM pallets are some of the tallest pallets we have ever had in our building! Most of these BIP pallets are over 7' tall! Multiple truckloads have arrived and we are packed! More trucks on the way next week! The customer response on these has been excellent 👍
Barton's Discounts
2222 Hillside Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46218
(866) 587-5424
Mon-Sat 10am-4pm